Moon Water Crystal Jar
Moon Water Crystal Jar

These glass jars are perfect to collect the energy of the New and Full Moons as part of your lunar ritual.

The tops are covered in crystals to help further charge your water.

We also give you a dry wipe marker so you can write your intentions on it for the New Moon.

Moon water can then be used whilst meditating, add some essential oils and use it as a room spray. 
Have some sips in the morning - or I use it in my coffee!

Free p&p in the UK. Please contact me for pricing if outside of the UK


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Lunar Journal A5 undated Moon Planner
Lunar Journal A5 undated Moon Planner

This beautiful Lunar Journal is left undated so you can use it whichever year you wish to do so.

As it is printed by me at home, I can move the months so it starts the month you receive it.

It has 12 months of blank monthly spreads to track your emotions, feelings and the moon.
You have both a new moon and full moon reflections journalling sheet
It contains new and full moon rituals and information about each moon and how best to use the power of the moon at that time.

It's is 47 pages of 120gsm paper.
Bound with card and a metal comb.

It's is A5 size.

Free p&p in the UK.


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Self Love Spell Kit
Self Love Spell Kit

Treat the most important person, yourself to this beautiful little self-love spell kit. 

All the items will be blessed under the moon and will be cleansed of negative energy. 

You will make the spell, so it is unique to yourself.

You will receive 

  • 1 x 20ml glass bottle with cork top
  • 1 x string
  • 1 x moon charm
  • 1 x incense stick
  • 1 x pink candle
  • 1 x organza bag for storage
  • paper
  • 5 x 5ml glass bottles containing lavender, rose petals, cinnamon bark, pink Himalayan salt and rose quartz chips
  • Affirmation card
  • Spell instructions.

The 20ml bottle is 68.5mm by 24mm wide approx

The 5ml bottles are 30mm tall by 22mm wide

The items have been carefully chosen for their benefits 

Rose Quartz is for love and emotional healing, it is the stone of unconditional love

Pink Himalayan Salt is for absorbing and neutralising negative energy

Cinnamon bark is for protection and is an aphrodisiac

Rose petals are for self-love and protection 

Lavender is for love, happiness and balance

Free Postage in the UK 

Due to the nature of this item, I can not claim that any change may occur due to the spell or the ritual that takes place. This item is sold for entertainment/curiosity only. 



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