Love and Light to you all

Love and light to you. 

Welcome to the page, its great that you are here. 

You maybe wondering who I am, especially if you have not come via my social media. I am Sian, a crazy passionate welsh lady. Mum to 4 children. I am a serial entrepreneur. I have experience of starting businesses, buying businesses, growing businesses and selling businesses. These range from private ltd companies, being self employed, non-profit companies and a charity. I've worked alone and as an employer. 
In 2020 when the world pretty much changed from how we know it, businesses had to pivot and quickly. My non-profit is still on pause and I started to work with adults with ADHD ( I was diagnosed at the age of 40), but this quickly changed and developed into women in business who are multi-passionate, to finally realising that my spiritual awakening had started. 
You can not coach or mentor women if their mindset and their spirituality is not where they need it to be. 
Most of my coaching now focuses on those areas, with business knowledge thrown into the magic mix. I particularly focus on the power of the lunar cycle, and encourage the use of setting intentions and goals around the New Moons, releasing any boundaries on the Full Moons and reflection throughout. The focus is on finding your authentic self, becoming authentically aligned with yourself. That's when your destiny becomes your reality. 

I am happy to discuss any worries or concerns before you allow me to work with you. I will also not work with you, if I don't feel it's the right time for you, or that you may suffer any financial risk by doing so. It's important though that before you work with anyone on any type of programme that you realise and accept that your results come from within you. What you put in, is reflected to what you receive. There is no magic wand, its a spell of hard work, passion and determination. 

So how can we work together

The Luna Circle

Monthly Membership

An exclusive group of like-minded women in business, exploring their spiritual journey. You have access to monthly network meetings, tarot readings, intention setting (goal setting sessions), business resources and library which is constantly growing. This through a Facebook and your dashboard on this site. 

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The Lunar Ritual Box & Luna Circle 

Monthly Membership & A Subscription Box

Not only do you have the access to the Luna Circle, if you are in the UK (will be expanding) you can also receive the Lunar Ritual Box in time for each New Moon. Again you can cancel any time. 

Sign Up Here

Authentically Aligned 

Group and 1:1 Coaching 

This is an opportunity for me to work with you in more depth, delving into your spirituality, mindset and business. There are a two different packages available and a chat is necessary to ensure we are a good fit. .

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